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Erica and Adam – Engagement – Valley Center Air B and B

The Journal

Have you ever been to Ridge Canyon Road in Valley Center? I had no idea such a gorgeous little Palm Springs venue- looking place existed so close to us! It was absolutely stunning, and such a pleasant surprise! I usually fall for the oak and forest looks but this desert wonderland was perfect for our session. Our clients Erica and Adam rented an Air B and B for our session and the photos could not have been more perfect! The sunset was soft and elegant and Erica was stunning in her floor length dress! And of course Adam looked dashing too. This session was our last engagement session of 2018 and all I can think about while editing these photos (besides how gorgeous these people are) is how far Brent and I have both come in our photography journey this year.

We didn’t have a “list” of goals we wanted for our business per-say this year (which we really should have and I should start writing some for 2019- like yesterday ha) but we had in mind the business we wanted at the end of the year. We can definitely say that the business we started with at the beginning of the year grew dramatically by the end of the year; I think we must have crammed at least 2 years of learning and experiences into this one year.

Countless hours went into Styled shoots with friends. We traveled and shot at Big Bear, Julian, Mammoth, Mount Baldy, Vegas, Palm Springs, Balboa Park, Knoxville TN, Ireland and everywhere local with friends, family, and clients. We spent more hours behind the lens then we had ever spent before.

The real kicker is the evolution of our Instagram feed. The improvement and style has changed so much in just one year! The hardest lesson we have had to learn in 2018 has been to compare our business only to what it was yesterday, a week ago, a few months ago and not to the businesses all around us. Every business is different. I so look forward to seeing what this year brings us, how we grow and learn, and what experiences are just around the corner. Thank you all for your support and love and business as we take on this next year. Happy 2019!


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