June 17, 2019

Erika and Alex- The 1909 Wedding – Topanga, CA

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Erika and Alex got married on March 9th, 2019 at “The 1909,” in Topanga, CA. It was a beautiful wedding complete with swearing on swords, celtic knot tying, and fairy lights! These two are absolutely perfect for each other and we were so blessed to a part of their special day. The details of the wedding really transported us into this world that they worked so hard to build.  It all goes to show that details DO matter! During your wedding, you won’t remember or have time to look at all the things you spent months stressing about and planning, so capturing them for you is our pleasure; That way you can look at them for years to come.

Typically, when we first arrive to the wedding venue we immediately go and grab all of the special items that deserve some TLC for detail shot. For the Bride, these items include her dress, her shoes, perfume bottle, necklace, bracelet, earrings, the veil, etc… For the Groom we grab his shoes, tux, cologne bottle, watch, cufflinks, scotch/whiskey bottle, etc… Other main details can include the invitations and of course the rings!!

We almost always start with the dress. UGH!! The dress. It’s admittedly one of my favorite parts of every wedding. I think I might be a little obsessed with wedding dresses. We shoot the dress in a pretty location (away from the groom and other guests who arrive way too early). Then we give the dress back to the bride, along with her shoes and jewelry so she can start getting ready!

Details are some of our favorite things to photograph because everyone loves seeing their hard work perfectly preserved for all time (Some of our photographer friends call Sarah the Queen of Details because she LIVES for the eye candy shots) Flowers die, cakes get eaten, venues change…but pictures last forever.

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Sarah and Brent are a husband and wife team based out of southern California who specialize in playful, intimate, free spirited portraits for the wild at heart. They have shot all throughout southern California and plan to tackle the globe one love story at a time. When they're not behind the lens you can find them at local coffee shops, Disneyland, or home hanging out with their cats.