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where to start when thinking about eloping

eloping is a term that you've most likely heard in your life and you've probably developed preconceived ideas about what an elopement is. but, eloping is no longer the same thing it once was!

elopements are a uniquely personal and intimate wedding day that you get to share with your significant other, as well as, close family and friends (if desired). 

eloping is a real wedding day that prioritzes authenticity, intimacy, and adventure. focusing your attention on the experience and not the "stuff".

sarah and i are here to help you every step of the way. from location selection, vendor recommendations, timeline planning, and more

"this sounds like exactly what I'm looking for but, how do I make it all happen?" 

Don't worry! that's where we come in. 

you may be thinking...

but first, let's anwser some common questions


Question #1
can i invite loved ones to my elopement?

Yes of course! elopements by design are more intimate but, that doesn't mean that it can only be you and your signifant other and no one else. if you want to bring along your parents, siblings, or close friends to share in your special day then absolutely have them tag along. in order to keep the essence of your wedding raw, authentic, & intimate we photograph elopements with 25 or less guests.

question #2
what vendors do i need for my elopement?

this is dependant on what your vision is for your day. number one would of course be a photographer so that you can document all of the precious moments of your day, as well as, share them with your friends and family.

other vendors that work well for elopements include:
- a florist
- a hair & make up artist
- musician
- private chef
- videographer

question #3
how do i decide where to elope?

this is one of our favorite parts to help you plan. the location sets the foundation for your entire elopement experience. the great thing about elopements is that you can go anywhere!!! seriously. don't be afraid to dream up something grand. we'll give you brainstorming tips and tricks that'll help to hone in on what place/s you'd enjoy saying "i do" at.

question #4
do i need an officiant & witnesses?

it depends on where you're eloping. most likely, yes. our best advice is to do research on the area/s you're interested in and see what the requirements are for marraige licenses etc... there are a few states in the u.s.a. that allow self solemnization (get married without an officiant or witnesses). 

the states that possibly allow a self solemnized wedding are:
- california
- colorado
- illinois
- kansas
- maine
- nevada
- pennsylvania
- wisconsin

side note: brent is ordained and can act as an officiant/witness in most states if you need!

question #5
do we need to have a date & location set before we book with you?

not at all! selecting the date and location is one of the first steps we work on with you after you book with us. if this is something that you already know then that's great! so often though, couples are at a loss as to figuring out exactly when and where to elope and that's ok. Sarah and i will offer all of our insights to help you pick the best time and place for you to exchange your vows.   

don't see your question?

we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

talk to us about your dream wedding elopement experience

send us an inquiry and we will gladly answer any questions you may have! in addition, after booking with us, we provide you with a ton more information to help you plan the perfect day. 

what are the next steps?

5 steps to you dream elopement

step 1: inquire with us and get your free phone consultation

step 2: let's make it official and sign a contract

step 3: we help you plan out your perfect day

step 4: time for the adventure and time of your life

step 5: relive your the joy of your day over and over again

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We promise to...

... communicate from start to finish hearing what matters to you so we can create something uniquely for you. 

... put you first. This is a celebration of your union and we are here to document it. 

... deliver a high quality product using our expertise and experience. 

... deliver a high quality experience that will make you feel like you're surrounded by friends

We understand these are big decisions that you're making

Sarah and Brent’s work is breathtaking. The way they are able to capture true human emotion in their photos is such a rare find. The experience in itself was so magical and fun. My husband and I didn’t feel like we were just getting our pictures taken, we felt like we were on an adventure falling in love all over again! Sarah and Brent also make you feel so comfortable. They are such a sweet couple and genuinely care and want to get to know you. I can not recommend Sarah and Brent enough!

- Blythe

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Sarah and Brent are a husband and wife team based out of southern California who specialize in playful, intimate, free spirited portraits for the wild at heart. They have shot all throughout southern California and plan to tackle the globe one love story at a time. When they're not behind the lens you can find them at local coffee shops, Disneyland, or home hanging out with their cats.