Family Portraits!

Family photos are some of the most important photos of the day. Yes, the day is all about you however, we know all too well the drama that can start if we don't get a shot with mom and dad, siblings, grandparents, that crazy uncle of yours, etc... Due to the overall number of family members and the fact that there's so much excitement and energy right after the ceremony the family portrait session tends to be a bit chaotic! We get it. Everyone wants to party once the ceremony is over! Here is an example family portrait list/s that give you an idea on how to structure this section of your day. Remember to start with your largest grouping and get smaller and smaller.

Shot list

Followed by...

- Groom with Mom, Dad, Sister/s, Brother/s, Grandma, and Grandpa (add bride) 
- Groom with Mom, Dad, Sister/s, & Brother/s (add bride) 
- Groom with Mom & Dad (add bride) 
- Groom with Mom (add bride) 
- Groom with Dad (add bride) 
- Groom with Sister/s & Brother/s (add bride) 
- Groom with Sister/s (add bride)
- Groom with Brother/s (add bride) 

Starts with...

- Bride with Mom, Dad, Sister/s, Brother/s, Grandma, and Grandpa (add groom) 
- Bride with Mom, Dad, Sister/s, & Brother/s (add groom)
- Bride with Mom & Dad (add groom) 
- Bride with Mom
- Bride with Dad
- Bride with Sister/s & Brother/s (add groom)
- Bride with Sister/s
- Bride with Brother/s

This list is not exhaustive; there might be some family members that we haven't listed. You'll have to put your list together based on the members that make up your family. Just remember, there is no right or wrong when creating your family shot list. These are recommendations that will help act as a spring board for you to begin planning. Our goal is to have the family session run as smoothly and seamlessly as it possibly can! We recommend that you start with the largest groupings and slowly work your way down in numbers. This way you can release family members as we go so that they can go enjoy cocktail hour. If you have any questions we are here for you and would love to help discuss this section of the day further! 

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Sarah and Brent are a husband and wife team based out of southern California who specialize in playful, intimate, free spirited portraits for the wild at heart. They have shot all throughout southern California and plan to tackle the globe one love story at a time. When they're not behind the lens you can find them at local coffee shops, Disneyland, or home hanging out with their cats.