Who's up for a little adventure? 

warning: it's about to get a whole lot more fun

So, what does that experience look like? 

 We so often see couples serving others on their wedding day instead of intently looking at what the day is wholly about-you and this person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with. When everything else falls away, what you're left with is the emotion you felt and the promises you made. And that is exactly what we want to capture and what you'll want to remember. We so deeply hope that eloping allows you to experience the true freedom that love brings; to share yourself unapologetically and authentically.

We aim to serve you as your witnesses, friends, cheerleaders and photographers during this momentous season. You are celebrating the gift that is a forever love. we will be with you to walk you through every step along the way.  


let's get that dress dirty!

Getting to know you! 

We're getting to know all about you. What would a perfect day looks like for you and your fiance from start to finish. We will customize your experience with you and for you, making sure we figure out your perfect elopement schedule. We'll chat about locations and activities, weather and backup plans and time to rest and reflect.
We encourage our couples to consider an activity that they love doing together as part of their elopement day plans. Apart from your ceremony- this activity, done in your wedding attire, will make for unforgettable moments you will adore forever. What is that to you? Rock climbing? Wine tasting? Animal watching? 

We start with some emails, some questionnaires, and a phone call to help dream up your perfect day. 

Hand crafting your adventure

It's time to plan. Once we know who you guys are and all about your love story we go to work making your wedding experience beautiful and unique. Lots of research and open communication will be key in crafting your elopement from start to end. We'll find a place for you guys to stay- close to your ideal location, vendors nearby if needed, and permit information. 

If we haven't been to your location before, rest assured we will be venturing out there early to insure you have the most amazing and stress free day. We spend hours researching trails, maps, road closures, and weather. 

Finalizing details

Once we have options and a general idea of your day, we'll finalize everything and custom create a draft schedule for your elopement fully equipped with backup plans and location information. This is when everything starts to feel real, and the excitement sets in. 

We are completely available to you anytime to answer questions or talk through ideas. You have access to us 24/7. No business hours- if you want to chat, we're available same day. 

Get Hitched

We are so excited to celebrate with you. We want to make this day as unique and as raw as your relationship is. Anything and everything is on the table. Sunrise ceremony in the AM and white water rafting photos in the afternoon? We're your people. We want to make every aspect of your day memorable and personal. 

when the big day is finally upon us, we're going to be right by your side. weather that be a sunrise first look at the butt crack of dawn over a glassy lake, or waking up with mimosas and billie eilish radio, we'll be there to celebrate with you and get you ready for your epic day! we'll head out on an adventure together - making sure to bring along some champagne or beer, packing all the essentials in our elopement pack and strapping in your bouquet. once you find the perfect lookout that speaks to your soul, you'll say your vows and we'll all toast to your union. after the sun has set, you'll leave your adventure as one. each elopement is customizable and can definitely include a afternoon nap (if you're wondering).  


us elopements

California elopement

- includes any travel inside the US 
- $3,200 
- includes planning and scheduling assistance

- within the state of CA
- $2,700
- 4 hours of coverage

This is the one day of your life that you will truly want captured beautifully.
Don't let just anyone tell your love story for you. 

take it international

- includes all travel and accomodations
- $5,500
*planning and scheduling assistance included

THE bucket list

If you're traveling somewhere unique, inquire about our bucket list. If your location is on our bucket list we will only charge for travel. 

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Sarah and Brent are a husband and wife team based out of southern California who specialize in playful, intimate, free spirited portraits for the wild at heart. They have shot all throughout southern California and plan to tackle the globe one love story at a time. When they're not behind the lens you can find them at local coffee shops, Disneyland, or home hanging out with their cats.