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In case you were wondering, this adorable yet slightly awkward couple is us! We are Sarah and Brent and we are a husband and wife photography team based out of SoCal, taking on the globe one love story at a time. We are both history nerds that love to travel and the beauty of nature! Our photography style is often mirrored from your love story: playful, intimate, and free spirited.

We love meeting and capturing those that love deeply and adventure often. If you've ever thought the traditional isn't for you, then we're with you. Your engagement or intimate wedding/elopement should be everything you want, and we'll partner with you to make all of that happen. We craft experiences for the wild at heart- those that want to remember the emotions of their day. We can't wait to take this journey with you from "about time" to the "I do" so let's plan an adventure together.

In case you were wondering...

Fun Facts

Sarah's goal is to taste every fruit in the world.

We binge watch TV shows like it's a sport.

Sarah knows a lot of Disney Trivia.

Brent is an EMT and recently got his firefighter 1.

 Sarah's grandmother was the famous 50's singer, Patti Page.

Brent and Sarah together share over 19 nieces and nephews 

Our Style

Most of our clients say to us, "we've never done this before" or "we're not good at photos." To which we reply, "You don't have to be." Are you good at being you? Are you good at having fun? How about laughing a lot? Can you do those things? Then you don't need to be "good" at getting your photos taken. Unless you're a Vogue model, we all feel weird being in front of the camera. It's unnatural- and sometimes it feels fake or forced. Our goal is to not only make it real- and authentic for you- but fun too. When you look back at your photos you will remember how you felt while taking them, and more often than not, that's what we remember most. Not how perfect the location was, or how pretty the sunset was captured, you'll remember how you felt. 

So how do we achieve that authentic and emotional mix? We let you guys be you. We'll give you prompts throughout your session. Games to play together or things to do- like jumping over rocks or yelling corny pickup lines. But you'll do them as yourselves. Nothing is wrong, Nothing is right. It's all about creating the atmosphere for you guys to enjoy each other and for us to capture that on camera. Don't get me wrong, if you guys really want us to pose you, we totally can. But we'd rather have you guys unapologetically shut out the world and connect. 

Sarah and Brent are an amazing couple and team of photographers. There are so many incredible photographers to choose from in San Diego that can take pretty and classic shots, but if you want personality and creativity to shine through the photos, Sarah and Brent just have it. My fiancé and I are not comfortable models and Sarah and Brent captured moments between us that are authentic and beautiful. We brought the styling and concept of our Joshua Tree desert home vision and they directed and captured it beautifully. We can’t wait for them to photograph our wedding!

- Mel L

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Sarah and Brent are a husband and wife team based out of southern California who specialize in playful, intimate, free spirited portraits for the wild at heart. They have shot all throughout southern California and plan to tackle the globe one love story at a time. When they're not behind the lens you can find them at local coffee shops, Disneyland, or home hanging out with their cats.